TABLE TOP EXERCISE (TTX) – DECAT project: Real conditions of disasters and reactions

On Monday, 4th of December 2017, a Command Post Exercise (CPX) was organised by the Cyprus Civil Defence in Pafos. Representatives of different Governmental Departments (Paphos District Administration Office, Cyprus Police, Fire Brigade, Cyprus Civil Defence, Department of Forests, Water Development Department, Game and Fauna Service, Paphos Municipality) participated in decision making during the exercise, while many other organizations (governmental / private) participated as observers. A scenario of two disasters,  fire and flood, took place and according to the national Emergency Response Plans for forest fires, urban and rural fires and extreme weather conditions, all Governmental Departments had primary or a secondary role in prediction, preparedness and response during these disasters. The scenario was used as a demonstration, in order to allow participants to use the DECAT deployed Geo-Spatial Early Warning Decision Support System (GE-DSS) and evaluate it. The GE-DSS platform successfully responded to the needs of the exercise scenario and important outcomes were extracted from the whole exercise.