Technical University of Crete (ELKE)

Natural Disasters and Coastal Engineering Laboratory

The Natural Disasters and Coastal Engineering Laboratory (NDCEL) is a unit of the School of Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete. It was established in 2004 by Professor Costas Synolakis. Professor Synolakis is also the Director of the University of Southern California Tsunami Research Center (TRC). He was awarded the 2014 Sergey Soloviev Medal of the European Geosciences Union on natural hazards and the 2001 County of Los Angeles Award on Leadership in Emergency Preparedness. The TRC has produced all official inundation maps for tsunami preparedness and hazard mitigation since 1999 for the State of California. NDCEL is actively involved in all aspects of coastal engineering and natural disasters research, including tsunami research, inundation field surveys, wave numerical and analytical modeling, disaster risk assessment and management, hazard mitigation, disaster prevention, and emergency preparedness. In addition, NDCEL faculty and students have been actively involved in many disaster exercises in the United States and the European Union, for example EU POSEIDON 2011 and EU PROMETHEUS 2014.

Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas
French Geological Survey

The BRGM is the French geological survey and France’s public reference institution in earth science applications for the management of surface and subsurface resources and risks. Its activities are geared to scientific research, support to public policy development and international cooperation.
BRGM and risks

Understanding, anticipating, preventing, managing and adapting: our constant aim is to reduce the potential impacts of telluric risks (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, landslides), climatic risks (land movements, clay soil shrinking and swelling), coastal risks (erosion and/or coastal flooding) and risks arising from human uses of the subsoil (storage reservoirs, sinkholes, etc.) in the context of global change.

To study and understand these risks and vulnerability to exposure, we design and operate a range of tools: surveillance systems, predictive models, risk mapping, databases, management-support models and scenarios, assessments of physical and systems vulnerability and multi-risk analysis methods. One of our key roles is to provide decision-makers with diagnostic and decision-support tools to aid risk prevention, spatial planning and crisis management.

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Atlantis Consulting, Ltd

Profile Atlantis

Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd is a leading organisation in Cyprus providing Environmental Management and Management Consultancy Services. Founded in 2000, it aspires to help the Public sector in planning and implementing environmentally sustainable policies and development projects and to support the private sector in achieving their environmental and business planning issues. The company is active in the fields of Environmental modelling and assessment, Solid waste management, environmental impact assessment, environmental risk assessment, biodiversity management and urban sustainability. Focusing on reconciling developmental and environmental goals, ATLANTIS has built a solid reputation for the development and implementation of exceptionally innovative and sophisticated projects in such aspects as environmental management, urban sustainability and promotion of eco-innovation. ACC has played a key role in developing and implementing EU funded projects for a wide variety of programmes such as LIFE, INCO-MPC, LEONARDO, Europe Innova, FP7, CIP and H2020. Several projects have so far been successfully implemented in cooperation with Cyprus National Authorities, various research institutions as well as other privately operating companies. Currently running EU funded projects include:

REMEB (H2020), GRASP (MED), INNEON (CIP), WASTECOSMART (FP7), SINFONIA (FP7), NOWIVAM (FP7 Regions), INNOWATER (Europe INNOVA), OPTIMA (INCO MPC) PM3 (LIFE+), CYNOISE (LIFE-3rd Countries), COMANACY(LIFE+), URBANGUARD (LIFE 3rd Countries), EEB4B (Leonardo), Water Resource Data Integration and Model Development for Management and Sustainability of River-Basin Resources (Marie Curie), Phytorem (Eureka), AidAir (Eureka), WebAir (Eureka), Towards an optimisation of urban and architectural parameters of urban formations in a Mediterranean context for energy use minimisation (Cyprus RPF/Urban-Net), Performance Evaluation of Urban Pollution Dispersion Models in the Cypriot Urban Environment through experimental field campaigns (Cyprus RPF).

The company also maintains a department which specialises in supporting SMEs to secure grants from EU and national programs as well as funding from investors and banks. Specialising in supporting Eco-innovative SMEs the company undertakes the elaboration of proposals, management of funded projects, preparation of feasibility studies, and supports the dissemination and replication actions of funded projects. The company has nine permanent staff and is also a member of the ATLANTIS group of companies which employs a total to about 50 scientists and engineers. ACC is a member of the economic interest association of GREENOVATE! ( that are engaged in the promotion, exploitation and financing of Eco-innovation in Europe.

Cyprus Civil Defense

Name of the Organisation: Cyprus Civil Defence (CCD)

Representative: Mr Marinos Papadopoulos
Telephone: 25811024
Telefax: 25305491
E-mail: [email protected]

Team member: Mrs Alexia Constantinou
Telephone: 25811024
Telefax: 25305491
E-mail: [email protected]
Please note that Mr. Argyris Alexandrou will no longer be a part of the DECAT team. He will be replaced by another colleague in the near future and you will be notified.

Short Overview of CCD

Cyprus Civil Defence (CCD) is the governmental agency in charge of the protection of the people of Cyprus under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus. It has a long line of experience in disaster relief for natural disasters, which occurred on the island of Cyprus such as earthquakes, forest fires, droughts, floods, landslides and severe rainstorms. Cyprus, through CCD, actively participates in the Community Civil Protection Mechanism and harmonizes, where necessary, national policies and programs.

The Civil Defence’s mission is to take preventive, repressive and supporting humanitarian measures in order to protect the population and its property, as well as the environment and critical infrastructure from the effects of disasters either natural (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes etc.) or manmade (technological accidents, armed conflict, etc.). It also aims to provide the necessary conditions for the population’s survival and recovery following a disaster. The improvement and strengthening of the protection mechanism of civilians, before, during, and after the onset of a disaster, is the predominant concern of the Force.

Βy conducting enlightenment campaigns and by exploiting the opportunities offered by contemporary forms of communication, the Civil Defence Force vision is to sensitize the population on prevention and response to disasters issues and consolidate basic rules on safety and self-protection, in order to create the circumstances for a society to be ready to contribute effectively in reducing the risks and their consequences.

Foreseen Level of Engagement

The CCD will have direct involvement in the project as being one of the Partners, we are one of the end users of the product and we are going to conduct 2 exercises within the project. We are participating in meetings and events.

Cyprus University of Technology

Project Coordinator: Prof. Diofantos Hadjimitsis
Telephone: (+357) 25 002548
E-mail: [email protected]

Project Manager: Dr. Andreas Damalas
Telephone: (+357) 99 300137
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Research Associate: Christodoulos Mettas
Telephone: (+357) 25 245052
E-mail: [email protected]

Research Associate: Evagoras Evagorou
Telephone: (+357) 25 002152
E-mail: [email protected]

Short Overview of Cut

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) was established by law in December 2003, and enrolled its first students in September 2007. It is a new, public, and independent University and has set high values concerning its academic character, legal status, organizational and administrative structure; it’s characterized by its high level procedure for staff selection, and its relationship with the state.
Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) has as its strategic target the design and development of research activities both within the University and in cooperation with other research Institutes in Cyprus and abroad. The research emphasis of CUT is reflected in the substantial funding provided to academics for the establishment of research centers and laboratories.
CUT research and academic staff is involved in various Research Activities and National and European Research Programmes. Even though CUT initiated its research activity very recently, it has already managed to dispose of a significant number of National Research Projects funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and of European Research Projects funded under the European Research Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7), the LIFE and IEE Programmes, the European Territorial.

Foreseen Level of Engagement

As the coordinator of DECASTROPHIZE, CUT will be responsible for the administration, organization and implementation of overall supervision of the project. The coordinator will be assisted by the Steering Committee (SC) to ensure the coordination and the implementation of Tasks and the exploitation of results. On behalf of the project consortium, the coordinator will be responsible for communication and cooperation with all partners to implement the project. CUT will be responsible for the preparation of the knowledge exchange platform and participate in all of the meetings and events. Also, cross border acquisition, transferability of data and the GE-DSS/MCDA, creation and integration of spatial data infrastructure SDI), geo-spatial databases and inter-linkage (task 4) are activities that have to be performed by CUT.