Cyprus University of Technology

April 30, 2016

Project Coordinator: Prof. Diofantos Hadjimitsis
Telephone: (+357) 25 002548
E-mail: [email protected]

Project Manager: Dr. Andreas Damalas
Telephone: (+357) 99 300137
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Research Associate: Christodoulos Mettas
Telephone: (+357) 25 245052
E-mail: [email protected]

Research Associate: Evagoras Evagorou
Telephone: (+357) 25 002152
E-mail: [email protected]

Short Overview of Cut

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) was established by law in December 2003, and enrolled its first students in September 2007. It is a new, public, and independent University and has set high values concerning its academic character, legal status, organizational and administrative structure; it’s characterized by its high level procedure for staff selection, and its relationship with the state.
Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) has as its strategic target the design and development of research activities both within the University and in cooperation with other research Institutes in Cyprus and abroad. The research emphasis of CUT is reflected in the substantial funding provided to academics for the establishment of research centers and laboratories.
CUT research and academic staff is involved in various Research Activities and National and European Research Programmes. Even though CUT initiated its research activity very recently, it has already managed to dispose of a significant number of National Research Projects funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and of European Research Projects funded under the European Research Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7), the LIFE and IEE Programmes, the European Territorial.

Foreseen Level of Engagement

As the coordinator of DECASTROPHIZE, CUT will be responsible for the administration, organization and implementation of overall supervision of the project. The coordinator will be assisted by the Steering Committee (SC) to ensure the coordination and the implementation of Tasks and the exploitation of results. On behalf of the project consortium, the coordinator will be responsible for communication and cooperation with all partners to implement the project. CUT will be responsible for the preparation of the knowledge exchange platform and participate in all of the meetings and events. Also, cross border acquisition, transferability of data and the GE-DSS/MCDA, creation and integration of spatial data infrastructure SDI), geo-spatial databases and inter-linkage (task 4) are activities that have to be performed by CUT.